The Anaconda is a tier 10 animal that spawns in the swamp. It can be evolved from the Manatee. When you charge your boost, a meter will fill up next to you. After it is full, you can begin to constrict any animal from behind after charging them. This will cause damage as long as you are holding them. To get an Anaconda off you, shake rapidly, or else you will either drown or run out of HP.

Strategies Edit

Mainly try to grab animals that have oxygen bars, such as Snakes or Manatees. Keep holding them under, and eventually, they will run out of air. You can repeat this until you die or leave.

Another way to get EXP points is to stand under the waterfall while nobody is there. You can get about 1.5k points every second. If you see a Hippo or a Croc, hide in one of the logs until they leave.

Counters Edit

A good way to counter an Anaconda is with a Crocodile. If you just force them off, you can easily use your shake ability. Orcas also work, however do not go into the Swamp, otherwise you will lose Salinity.

Stats Edit

Speed: 90%

Health multiplier: 8.0

Damage multiplier: 7.0

Boosts: 2

Charge time: 800 milliseconds

Oxygen: 60

Temperature: 10

Pressure: 5

Salinity: 20

Trivia Edit

  • The Anaconda is the only animal that can use the constrict ability.