There are currently 4 Biomes in at the moment, with a 5th one currently being developed.

Ocean Edit

The ocean is the largest Biome. It borders the Arctic, Deep, and Swamp.

Ocean Animals Edit

Here is a list of all animals that can inhabit the ocean safely.

Fish, Worm, Lamprey, Crab, Jellyfish, Flying Fish, Squid, Seagull, Duck, Ray, Beaver, Puffer Fish, Sea Turtle, Octopus, Sea Lion, Dolphin, Hammerhead Shark, Lion Fish, Cachalot, Shark, Tiger Shark, Orca, Whale, Whale Shark, Marlin, Sunfish, Stone Fish.

Affects Edit

Animals that cannot live safely in the ocean that choose to enter will experience these negative affects:

  • Animals that breathe will loose oxygen while underwater.
  • Animals from the Arctic will loose their temperature meter while in the ocean.
  • Animals from the Deep will loose pressure while in the ocean.
  • Animals from the Swamp will loose Salinity while in the ocean.