The Giant Squid is a Top Tier animal that lives in the deep sea. It is freakishly fast and much faster when grabbing a victim.
2017-07-17 00 30 - Eat Fish, Become the Shark!

An image of Giant Squid.


It has a rectangular base, but it is adorned with with fins, tentacles, and protruding eyes. It is many shades of crimson except it's eyes which are grey. When boosting, the two longest tentacles snap out. Strategy

  • As the Giant Squid: Most animals are at your mercy. When facing another Giant Squid or top tier animal, utilize your grab to bring them to your domain. In the case you need to escape, grab hold of an animal Ray or higher to increase your speed.
  • Against the Giant Squid: Catch the Squid by surprise and get the first hit. If you are a Cachalot you can pretty easily kill it. Most of the time they have a reserve boost and will drag you down to the deep. However, if you are lucky enough, they may have no boosts. As a shark, just run away.

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