The Squid is the only fourth tier animal in

Abilities Edit

Special Ability Edit

The Squid's special ability is to turn 'invisible' after three seconds of staying still without being hurt/damaged. While going 'Invisible', the squid's transparency is increased, as shown in the following image. Invisible Squids cannot be hit/damaged or feed while Invisible. If they move, the Squid goes back to it's normal form. If Squids are poisoned, they cannot hide.


'Invisible' Squid

Food Edit

Squids can eat Green Pellets, Orange Pellets, Bottom Feeder Pellets, Purple Pellets, and presumably Red Pellets/Berries if they could reach them.

Boosting Edit

The Squid has two boost bar

Strategy Edit

Stay low to the ocean floor and sweep out the food, if you see nothing, move a little bit closer to the surface, there could been a ray. If somebody hits you, try dashing away rather try to stay invisible, it need 3 sec without damage. You could try hunting for some crabs, if they are not to close to any seaweed. Also, remember to save your boost for a kill, or just simply running away.

General InformationEdit

The Squid requires 17 XP points to upgrade into a Seagull.

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